Here’s what some of our clients and colleagues say about us

“I’m really happy to have Vroom looking after my website and work with me online. I’ve got a website that’s a hit with my fans, my team and my sponsors which not only looks really slick but is always up to date with news and photos and special fan downloads. It’s good to know that Vroom also ensure that it works together with Facebook and other social media and that they’re also helping design and sell my merchandise, and always assist me in any area of design and branding when I need them.”
Alex Lowes, World Superbike championship rider 

“It’s great having Vroom Media working with me, handling my website. It’s a first class job – a great design, great representation for my sponsors and their brands, and loads of good stuff for the fans too. We’ve also got a great webshop built in, and the news and photo updates are always shared on social media too, helping ensure that I have a solid, dynamic, good looking web presence.”
Eugene Laverty, World Superbike championship rider 

“Gareth and Vroom Media work with the Racing Steps Foundation not only by working with our up and coming Moto3 talent John McPhee on his official website and branding, but also proactively using their other motorsport websites to promote John and RSF to a wider audience. Vroom developed John’s logo and racing number designs and also built and manage his website, including merchandising and e-commerce. We’re delighted to have Vroom working with us to promote John and our other riders.”
Peter Ball, Racing Steps Foundation 

“Thanks to Gareth at Vroom Media for all his help and guidance bringing my website, online presence, and my number and logo identity together. It’s good to have some really professional media guys around, helping me to communicate with all my friends and fans out there!”
John McPhee, Moto3 world championship rider 

“Gareth was hired as Head of Design to take Teletext in a new, digital direction. With his design talent and experience in interactive TV he made an immediate impact across the whole range of services the company produced.”
Graham Lovelace, Director, Lovelace Consulting 

“Gareth has led the design of Digital TV and online consumer propositions since they were little more than concepts. There are few, if any, people that could match his CV. An early pioneer of user centered design with a commercial brain and a great affinity for people.”
Fearghal Kelly, CEO 

“I selected Gareth and Vroom Media for a series of iPhone and iOS application development projects. Vroom offered a good understanding of our business requirements, very competitive prices, fast turnaround and consistently honest communication throughout the whole project process.”
Joe Raeburn, former Product Manager, A&N Media 

“I cannot recommend Gareth highly enough. While always there with inspiration and creative vision, Gareth also has a deep understanding of what it takes to drive a project from a germ of an idea through to an ultimately successful conclusion, ensuring that everyone involved knows exactly what is expected of them and, just as importantly, that their contributions are uniformly appreciated.”
Paul Morris, Denzil Designs 

“Gareth is an accomplished and creative leader, and a fun guy to work with. He has an array of expertise and enthusiasm regarding all aspects of digital and print media; digital campaigns that get results, functional DTV applications, and slick looking corporate literature.”
Martyn Stivala, Art Director at MRM Worldwide 

“I had the pleasure of working with Gareth over many years at Teletext, in connection with the development and maintenance of the Teletext Holidays products across our digital media services, and latterly mobile applications. Gareth was a key guardian of the brand, is a designer of flair, and most importantly places consumer usability at the heart of his work.”
Gary Merry, former Product Manager, Teletext Holidays 

“Gareth is a great character, hugely creative and likeable. He is a strong minded individual but highly approachable and friendly. Personally, the best working time of my career was spent with Gareth. His amazing insight in all things design related and great enthusiasm certainly rub off on those around him. A true one-off.”
Sally Roydhouse, Wicked Poppy Designs 

“It’s important to Glamorgan 1:1 that our logo, our branding, our website and other things like print work all look good and speak to our clients and potential customers, truly reflecting who we are and our professional but personal approach – something which we’re very proud of. Vroom designed our original identity some years ago now, and we’re happy to still have them working with us as our brand and business evolves.”
Martin Kelland, Glamorgan 1:1 

“When we started looking for a creative partner, we had high demands and low expectations. We needed great creative skills, a disciplined approach to the branding process and detailed knowledge of our industry. Vroom Media worked almost like a Virtual Design Group within, with the obvious benefit of objective expert opinion. The results are clear for all to see and we are delighted with our new identity, as are our clients.”
Fearghal Kelly – CEO, Ltd 

“Gareth manages to combine managerial efficiency and creativity. He’s never short of ideas and retains his enthusiasm, however tricky a project. Gareth was a pioneer in the design of text services for digital TV and knows exactly how to make the most of that technology. He’s also easy to work with, bringing out the best in the team working around him.”
Sue Choularton, fromer Senior Editor, Teletext 

“Vroom Media was asked to develop a new logo, tagline and website for Morrissey Media Consultants, and our experience with this process has been nothing short of brilliant. Vroom Media is a great company to work with. The branding/identity design work Gareth created for MMC is strikingly creative and professional. Gareth is an extremely talented branding and design professional and I cannot recommend Vroom highly enough.”
Charles Morrissey, Director, Morrissey Media Consultants Ltd 

“On both web and digital TV Gareth’s understanding of usability, interface design and branding was always clear and well thought out. Fun to work with – creative and flexible, while also managing to keep everyone and everything lined up and ensuring projects were on time and on budget.”
Mark O’Neill, former Digital Marketing Manager at English National Opera 

“Even though Gareth is ten thousand miles away, he is one of the most valuable players on our marketing team. I commissioned Gareth to build the Charnock O’Brien Legal website. Our requirements were pretty specific; we wanted to project a totally professional image in a new and energetic way. Gareth was able to harness our ideas, and accommodate our often unorthodox requirements. I would use Gareth and Vroom again, and again.”
Geoff Charnock, Charnock O’Brien Legal – Sydney, Australia 

“I can’t thank Gareth and Vroom Media enough for what they have done for the Young Riders Fund, and the service they provide us. They have been on the ball with everything that we have asked of them, and continue to support us and our riders.”
Lee Vasey, Young Riders Fund (YRF) 

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