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Why not start your weekend off with some wine, low lights, and a totally ambient chill with "Waterland - Part iii" - third instalment in my locally-inspired minimalist series of noodlings.
All done on keyboards - gamelan style pulse, drones, mixed strings and Nyckelharpa noises.
Listen and download here:
#music #ambient #minimalist #soundtrack #nyckelharpa #logicprox
So m’colleague @jenkotronics has sent back his final contributions for the HAWKSMOOR project and it feels like the good old days when we played together in the industrial band Smallcreep. Everywhere I needed his noisy energy is now positively “awash with mosh”.
Final mixdowns of all 8 pieces now underway. It’s sounding great. A massive dark soundtrack to an imagined movie.
Ferns growing on mossy tree branches. Fecund. Bedford Park.
NEW MUSIC: “Waterland Part ii”
An ambient meditation for piano, Nyckelharpa, experimental cello, e-Bow, and drone.
Listen & download here:
#logicprox #nyckelharpa #ambient #soundtrack #minimalist
He’s playing it cool, but Nelson is totally over the moon to have me home... 🤣 ❤️🇪🇸🐾 #podenco #podencos #lovepodencos #adoptpodencos #instapodenco #podencosofinstagram
Hasta luego @circuitvalencia 👋
This is Amber when she arrived 3 years ago today. So quiet and withdrawn, now so sociable and bouncy. ❤️🇪🇸🐾 #galgo #galga #adoptgalgos #lovegalgos #galgosofinstagram #galgos
A few @fimcevrepsol raceday pics from @circuitvalencia featuring @teamlaglisse @efrentxu7 @tylerscottracer @edgarpons1 @brandon_paasch @baikoracingteam @111.management @raul_rodriguez_39 @jeremyalcoba52 @davidsalvador38 @cunadecampeones2019 @maxcook30 @jackhart20 @jositooo20 @billyvaneerde29
First @fimcevrepsol race of the day is #moto3 - grid forming up in a few minutes time @circuitvalencia
8am and though it looks pretty quiet, the paddock is already full of the sound of bikes being revved in pitlane. @fimcevrepsol @circuitvalencia
So tonight, continuing my theme of “things I don’t tend to eat back home” it’s a spatchcock chargrilled rabbit. Conejo con ali oli. ❤️🇪🇸🍽🍷
Some Saturday action from @circuitvalencia @fimcevrepsol featuring @jositooo20 @raul_rodriguez_39 @davidsalvador38 @joshwhatley70 @maxcook30 @fentonseabright47 @billyvaneerde29 @cogracing @cunadecampeones2019
Lovely supper: Paella Valenciana 😍
A few snaps from today’s @fimcevrepsol action @circuitvalencia including @edgarpons1 @cunadecampeones2019 @jositooo20 @maxcook30 @davidsalvador38 @brandon_paasch @baikoracingteam @111.management @tylerscottracer @teamlaglisse @billyvaneerde29 @joshwhatley70
Outside the final turn @circuitvalencia for a while this afternoon 👍
Buenos dias 😁
‪Hello Spain, it’s great to be back 😍❤️🇪🇸🍷‬
It’s ten years ago today that Vroom Media opened for business. I’m delighted we are still here and healthy, given that conditions have not always been optimal for a business of our type and our scale to thrive.
Nonetheless here we are - and with an enviable list of corporate, fintech, and media projects and clients - World Economic Forum, CNN, City & Guilds, BBC, Kantar, DTG, MediaTel, Edelman, Ogilvy, EMC, IBC, Cogora, Vox Markets - and more…
Plus of course our other business sector - motorsport, including big names such as Casey Stoner, Cal Crutchlow, Eugene Laverty, Alex Lowes, Chaz Davies, Brad Binder, Remy Gardner, Augusto Fernandez, John McPhee, JD Beach, Jayson Uribe, Loris Cresson, World GP Bike Legends, Racing Pride, and MPM WILSport Racedays… plus a great gang of up and coming talents too… and another big name coming next month that I wish I could put on the list now but I can’t, dammit!
Thank you to everyone who’s given us work and who’s worked with us: I love what we do at Vroom and I’m only too aware we simply couldn’t do that without you. Here’s to the future, and I hope that some of you reading this will be a part of it too.
Mixing down the second full HAWKSMOOR ‘test’ album to listen to and think over for a couple of weeks. In terms of contributions I think there’s now just guitar for one track to come in and otherwise it’s all there for tiny final refinements and outputting/uploading to #SoundCloud
#music #logicprox #prog #progrock #ambient #minimalist #postprog #chapmanstick #hawksmoor #occult #peterackroyd #london #londonist #soundtrack
Listening back to a ‘running order’ of the 'Hawksmoor' album rough mixes over the past week has proved immensely useful.
For example, I now know that the running order is wrong. 🤣
Also some big but easy changes like removing a whole intro section from one piece, to tiny things like adding 4 seconds of distant church bells to the start of another track. Some more Stick bass lines, and some rethinking sequencer and beats in another piece. Making the guitar solos pop out a bit more, in either volume or dynamics. Decluttering some pads and backing, dropping phrases of fake "Fripp" licks... All kinds of things, big and small.
But despite all that - we're getting there - and I'm really pleased with the overall project. Almost ready for final mixdown... 👍 #logicprox #chapmanstick #prog #ambient
Home is where the ginger studmuffin is. ❤️🇪🇸🐾 Nelson #podenco #podencos #lovepodencos #instapodenco #podencosofinstagram #adoptpodencos
T4 😍 Headed home.
It’s foggy out there this morning... 6am, Jerez.
Some @fimcevrepsol_2019 raceday vibes from @circuito_de_jerez featuring @jositooo20 @joshwhatley70 @fau55racing @jeremyalcoba52 @billyvaneerde29 @davidsalvador38 @sc0tt0gd3n19 @mattia.volpi77 @izanguevara28 @cunadecampeones2019 @ini58
Transferring pics from the camera in the @circuito_de_jerez Media Centre, then back outside again for more @fimcevrepsol_2019 action ❤️
ETC grid forming up...
Inside final hairpin for Moto3 race 1
Good morning!
I could come here just for the potato salad you get when you sit down in the restaurant. Being just a few minutes walk from the circuit is a bonus! 🙌

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