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Facebook memory from 6 years ago... my magnificent boy Tudur. Didn’t just walk on water, he ran across it faster then a bullet 😍
He was wonderful. #greyhounds #greyhoundsofinstagram #adoptgreyhounds #endgreyhoundracing #kenfig
Amber #galgo ❤️🇪🇸🐾 and Bruno #podenco ❤️🇪🇸🐾 having some fun up in the big field today. #galgos #galga #galgosofinstagram #adoptgalgos #adoptpodencos #podencosifinstagram #instapodenco
Well that’s just creepy... Went for a nice walk down Merthyr Mawr and ended up feeling like I’m trapped in some 1970s Doctor Who 😬 #merthyrmawr
Dinner out with my better half and the cousins at La Cocina. ❤️🇪🇸🍷🍽
#Stick - Prepping to add some Chapman Stick to the HAWKSMOOR project. 10-String Stick; set up as standard bass with baritone melody. Astonishing instrument. I’m still but a beginner. ❤️
Nelson ❤️🇪🇸🐾 total ginger studmuffin, on squirrel patrol in the forestry down at Cefn Junction / Bedford Park Ironworks. #podenco #podencos #lovepodencos #adoptpodencos #instapodenco #podencosofinstagram
NEW MUSIC: I just uploaded “Petrichor” to #Soundcloud
An ambient piece based on the sounds of the Nyckelharpa and the Yamaha CP80 piano.
Play and download here: https://soundcloud.com/theraindogs/petrichor
#ambient #nyckelharpa #cp80 #logicprox
NEW MUSIC: “Kanyakumari” - My love letter to the bustling city at the southernmost tip of India.
Listen and download here…
#music #logicprox #india #ambient #worldmusic
Nelson ❤️🇪🇸🐾 #podenco #podencos #lovepodencos #adoptpodencos #podencosofinstagram #instapodenco
An early heads-up that I’ll be at CEV Repsol at Jerez in September (also Valencia in November) - so if you’re a rider or team or outfit who fancies discussing possible web work or other projects that Vroom Media could help with, then message me here or email me at the address in the pic #VROOMVROOM
Hey @111.management any chance I can get hold of one of your excellent baseball caps with my funky 111 logo design on? 🙏
Life before Logic!
(photo circa 2000) Rhodes MK80 piano (amazing piece of kit), Atari running Cubase, Akai sampler, Roland and Akai synth modules, Fostex mixer/HD recorder, 10-string Chapman Stick (still got it!) and billions of bloody cables and floppy disks....
Felt a little bit sad without Vinnie #greyhound up in the field for the 1st time today 💔 but Amber #galgo doing zoomies always brings a smile ❤️🇪🇸🐾
MUSIC: A surprise release - way, way, way ahead of us getting “Hawksmoor” finished, but something that came out of nowhere and that I just wanted to share as something not typical of the rest of the project, but something that can stand alone as a nice piece of ambient (although it *will* be in the finished work, most likely in this exact form).
I found an ARP 2600 sound which if played and arpeggiated a certain way sounded almost like a church organ. So I adapted it further, played it out into very chord based structures, and added some reverse reverb, and added some additional, grumbling and floating melodic textures.
The effect is something like Steve Reich in one of Hawksmoor’s churches, heard from a distance in the morning sun - a new London horizon built out of the ruins of the Great Fire beyond.
#music #ambient #logicprox #hawksmoor
A few pics from a damp @worldsbk race 1. Hey @aledelbianco52 it was really good to meet you this weekend, and well done on a really strong ride in the rain today 🙌
Nice shooting spots for @WorldSBK race 1 @doningtonpark #gbrworldsbk 👍
Love working with @eugenelaverty - He and @pippalaverty are just ace. Really appreciate this gift to keep me fed and watered while working 🙌❤️ #VROOMVROOM
Some shots from #GBRWorldSBK FP sessions today at @doningtonpark - featuring @aledelbianco52 @abautista19 @eugenelaverty @alexlowes22
Going to spend the morning up and down the Melbourne Loop #GBRWorldSBK #VROOMVROOM
Good morning 😎 #GBRWorldSBK #VROOMVROOM
My office for the next few days. 😍
#worldsbk #gbrworldsbk #VROOMVROOM
RIP Vinnie. 💔 My beautiful boy. So handsome, speedy, daft, soft, and adorable. Absolutely devastated. #adoptgreyhounds #greyhoundsofinstagram #greyhounds #lovegreyhounds
You can check out two of my pieces based on ‘Oblique Strategies’ titles now at www.soundcloud.com/theraindogs - “Trust in the you of now” and “Only a part, not the whole”. If you’re a creative who sometimes gets blocks - design, writing, music, whatever - then I’d recommend googling ‘Oblique Strategies’ and investigating it as a toolkit/resource. #music #logicprox #piano #ambient #obliquestrategies #eno #brianeno
Some cool Roger Dean style rock formations on Newton Beach
Bridgend #bridgend
Helloooooo! Here comes Amber ❤️🇪🇸🐾 #galgo #galgos #galgosofinstagram #adoptgalgos
Amber #galgo ❤️🇪🇸🐾 and Nelson #podenco ❤️🇪🇸🐾 enjoying some quality time up in the big field today.
Bruno, our biggest #podenco ❤️🇪🇸🐾 enjoying some treats from the salad bar, up in the big field.
Kenfig Pool, Kenfig Nature Reserve #beautifulwales
Post-its perfect as a crib sheet for patches of cinematic percussion. Red for gongs, pink for slow attacks, orange for metallic things, yellow for cymbals. ....and .... Take 1!
Pathway, Bedford Park Ironworks.

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