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“First The Fire” [alternative version]
I’ve revisited the opening track from ‘Hawksmoor’. This is not a corrected version or a better version or a directors-cut version, simply an alternative.
The first section has been pared back a little in the pads and padding with Ian Halstead’s fretless bass popping out a bit more with its harmonics and low frequency rumblings.
The second, thundering section has new instrumentation as the main riffs are taken down a notch to make room for some screaming, distorted Nyckelharpas.
Listen and download here:
#progressiverock #progrock #prog #ambient #industrial #nyckelharpa #soundtrack #hawksmoor #chapmanstick
Nice trip on Sunday up into the hills near Abergavenny to get ourselves some new chickens.
Safe travels little Kimster! My beloved little Kimi is off on his bi-annual holiday to Switzerland for a new battery and servicing. Will miss you. See you again in 4 weeks and £85 time! 😭👋
Frozen puddle up in the big field this morning. You can tell how many hours old it is by counting the rings. Fact.
Knocked up a nice supper tonight based on something I saw on an old Nigella programme in the week. Boil up the spaghetti, whilst frying up some lardons in olive oil and chopping up some flat leaf parsley, then pour the drained spaghetti into the pan with the lardons and thrown in the parsley and stir it all up with a dash more oil and ground black pepper. 😋
Rainbow at the beach.
Thursday night - great birthday meal at @lacocinatapas with my better half and the cousins. ❤️🇪🇸🍷🍽 Excellent food and excellent company.
Really nice ThankYou through the post today from our ace #Moto3 client @johnmcp17 👍
Thanks John, best for 2020 and looking forward to continuing working with you #VROOMVROOM
Nice walk up on top of Merthyr Mawr Warren with the dogs. Here’s Amber #galgo and Nelson #podenco and the views out over the lower dune system and east to Ogmore by Sea and west to Porthcawl. ❤️🇪🇸🐾 #adoptgalgos #adoptpodencos #instapodenco #podencosofinstagram #galgosofinstagram
Me: 2010 - 2019
It’s not gone well... 🤣
Happy new year / decade!
NEW MUSIC - I’m very proud to say that The Rain Dog’s latest work is now uploaded to #Soundcloud and available for free download.
“HAWKSMOOR” is an album of instrumentals, inspired by the mood and themes of Peter Ackroyd's macabre postmodernist masterpiece of a novel. As such I've chosen to describe it as “the soundtrack to an imagined film”.
It reunites members from various incarnations of The Rain Dogs and from across the UK: Ian Halstead on fretless bass, Pete Cox on electric guitar, and Rob Jenkinson (also of industrial band Smallcreep) on electric guitar - with me on keyboards, programming, and Chapman Stick.
Hope you like it.
Ian, Pete, Rob - thank you so much for your contributions! 🙌🙌🙌
#electronic #ambient #soundtrack #industrial #prog #postprog #progressive #london #peterackroyd #hawksmoor #londonist #occult #chapmanstick #logicprox #music
Happy Christmas from me and Vroom. See you on the other side 😘
Excellent #uribe36
At last. I think it’s actually finished!
Up on #soundcloud soon.
#music #ambient #industrial #soundtrack #prog #progrock #chapmanstick #logicprox #unclassifiable #hawksmoor #peterackroyd #london #occult #londonist
NEW MUSIC: "Into Darkness" A spur of the moment reworking of some elements and riffs lifted from the track "Waking The Old Gods" from the HAWKSMOOR project. Meshed in with new gloomy drones, ominous marching drum, Nyckelharpas, grubby strings, and lead synth.
Performed by:
Me - keyboards and programming
Rob Jenkinson - electric guitar
Listen and download here:
#music #industrial #logicprox
Why not start your weekend off with some wine, low lights, and a totally ambient chill with "Waterland - Part iii" - third instalment in my locally-inspired minimalist series of noodlings.
All done on keyboards - gamelan style pulse, drones, mixed strings and Nyckelharpa noises.
Listen and download here:
#music #ambient #minimalist #soundtrack #nyckelharpa #logicprox
So m’colleague @jenkotronics has sent back his final contributions for the HAWKSMOOR project and it feels like the good old days when we played together in the industrial band Smallcreep. Everywhere I needed his noisy energy is now positively “awash with mosh”.
Final mixdowns of all 8 pieces now underway. It’s sounding great. A massive dark soundtrack to an imagined movie.
Ferns growing on mossy tree branches. Fecund. Bedford Park.
NEW MUSIC: “Waterland Part ii”
An ambient meditation for piano, Nyckelharpa, experimental cello, e-Bow, and drone.
Listen & download here:
#logicprox #nyckelharpa #ambient #soundtrack #minimalist
He’s playing it cool, but Nelson is totally over the moon to have me home... 🤣 ❤️🇪🇸🐾 #podenco #podencos #lovepodencos #adoptpodencos #instapodenco #podencosofinstagram
Hasta luego @circuitvalencia 👋
This is Amber when she arrived 3 years ago today. So quiet and withdrawn, now so sociable and bouncy. ❤️🇪🇸🐾 #galgo #galga #adoptgalgos #lovegalgos #galgosofinstagram #galgos
A few @fimcevrepsol raceday pics from @circuitvalencia featuring @teamlaglisse @efrentxu7 @tylerscottracer @edgarpons1 @brandon_paasch @baikoracingteam @111.management @raul_rodriguez_39 @jeremyalcoba52 @davidsalvador38 @cunadecampeones2019 @maxcook30 @jackhart20 @jositooo20 @billyvaneerde29
First @fimcevrepsol race of the day is #moto3 - grid forming up in a few minutes time @circuitvalencia
8am and though it looks pretty quiet, the paddock is already full of the sound of bikes being revved in pitlane. @fimcevrepsol @circuitvalencia
So tonight, continuing my theme of “things I don’t tend to eat back home” it’s a spatchcock chargrilled rabbit. Conejo con ali oli. ❤️🇪🇸🍽🍷
Some Saturday action from @circuitvalencia @fimcevrepsol featuring @jositooo20 @raul_rodriguez_39 @davidsalvador38 @joshwhatley70 @maxcook30 @fentonseabright47 @billyvaneerde29 @cogracing @cunadecampeones2019
Lovely supper: Paella Valenciana 😍
A few snaps from today’s @fimcevrepsol action @circuitvalencia including @edgarpons1 @cunadecampeones2019 @jositooo20 @maxcook30 @davidsalvador38 @brandon_paasch @baikoracingteam @111.management @tylerscottracer @teamlaglisse @billyvaneerde29 @joshwhatley70
Outside the final turn @circuitvalencia for a while this afternoon 👍

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