We are the design side of, and founding partners in, The Infographics Agency – a digital design house specialising in infographics and data visualisation, and delivering both public facing and confidential works for international clients.

The bespoke service it offers is brought to clients by two leading lights in UK multimedia – one steeped in information, the other in graphic design. The perfect combination.

Why infographics?

Infographics are the smart new digital way of communicating ideas, data and knowledge – quickly and efficiently.

They explain often complex information using graphics and highly distilled copy. Great infographics get straight to the point and capture attention using graphs, charts, icons, symbols and stylish illustrations.

They’re the perfect companion to traditional press releases and text-heavy white papers, and help spread your message via social media and websites that share the best infographics with Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

Journalists love infographics as they help tell, and illustrate, the story. Many news websites as well as printed newspapers and magazines regularly publish infographics.

Infographics improve your website’s online marketing by driving inbound links, boosting traffic and search engine optimisation.

How we work

Working with clients we’ve honed a six-step working process that’s straightforward and time-efficient and has proved highly effective.

First we send them a questionnaire asking things like how soon they need the infographic, what it is needed for, the messages they want to get across and whether they have all the research to hand.

Then we turn that into a brief capturing a full set of requirements which forms the basis of the agreement for works.

Although infographics can vary tremendously in form and complexity, we normally aim to produce an infographic within five working days. We can also offer a fast-track pricing plan if the work is required more urgently and needs an extraordinary turnaround.

We send the client a draft and after getting feedback the finished infographic is supplied in a variety of file formats so it can be published in pretty much any environment.

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