Vroom Media is a design consultancy specialising in web and digital television branding and interface design, iPhone and iPad application design, search engine optimisation (SEO) and creative graphic design and brand identity creation work, in both online and offline environments.

We specialise in MotoGP and motorsport clients, providing world class online hubs, connecting the riders and drivers with their fans through multiple social channels, and presenting their communications, their brand and their sponsors, to the highest standards.

General Design & Branding Services

Online services range from simple page design to large-scale builds, deployments and ongoing site management with full content provision and SEO strategies.

Offline services include brand identity creation and development work, print and repro, point of sale, general print publishing, copy writing and other creative communications.

We take on any type and scale of project: personal, business to business, or consumer facing commercial design.

MotoGP & Motorsport Media

We’re passionate about MotoGP and motorsport, and have a wealth of experience in running global fansites, news sites, blogs and forums, and can bring the slickest design skills, most knowledgeable editorial skills and broad online experience to projects in this area.

We are very proud to work on a variety of projects in this area with clients such as Casey Stoner, Eugene Laverty, Alex Lowes, John McPhee, the Racing Steps Foundation, the Young Riders Fund, and Michael Hill Promotions.

Infographics & DataViz

We are a founding partner in The Infographics Agency – a specialist in information graphics and data visualisation. We have produced public-facing inforgraphics for a wide variety of clients, and have also produced a substantial amount of internal and confidential works for businesses the world over.

Infographics can be an immensely useful business tool, condensing information and producing compelling and easily digestible summaries from complex reports and research, as well as an excellent PR and ‘social’ tool for any commercial operation.

iOS Apps & Mobile Design

Since the advent of the mobile as a ‘designed’ consumer platform we have produced mobile sites for clients, and we are proud to have designed and delivered sizeable and complex iPhone and iOS Applications for the likes of Teletext Holidays and Metro.

We work with seasoned and specialist iOS and smartphone developers to build user-oriented, beautifully conceived and executed designs – and can also collaborate on ports to other platforms and devices.

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